We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and customer service, giving you the genuine peace of mind feeling that your wheels will be treated with the care they deserve and finished in a timely manner. When wheels are looking at their best, more than anybody we understand the fulfillment our customers feel.

AlloyWorks, The Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs Experts use the most recent innovation in diamond wheel cutting, straightening, balancing and spray painting – we can return almost any wheel to its original factory finish.

If you are looking for diamond cut alloy wheel specialists in London then AlloyWorks can help, We have years of experience providing diamond cut alloy wheel repairs in London and we know what is available to you.

Diamond Cut Specialists CNC

What we can achieve:

  • Return your vehicle to its former glory with factory finish wheels
  • Save on the cost of purchasing new wheels
  • Increase the value of your vehicle
  • Ensure that your wheels are not just patched up, but brought back to their original factory finish
  • Professionally straighten both alloy and steel wheels

What Wheels we can Repair:

  • Wheels that have suffered curb damage can either be re-cut using our diamond CNC lathe (for machine face alloys) or prepped, primed, painted and cleared (for regular alloys).
  • Corroded wheels due to the clear lacquer wearing or flaking off. Machine face wheels can then be re-cut, painted and cleared. Regular alloy wheels can be prepped, primed, painted and cleared.
  • Buckled or bent wheels that need straightening.
  • Tyre removal, refit and balancing available on-site.

Our state of the art CNC Lathe has been built specifically for re-cutting machine face alloy rims back to their original factory finish.

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