Have your wheels become dull over time? AlloyWorks can re-polish your wheels to a finish that looks almost brand new. AlloyWorks can remove all marks and blemishes through our expert polishing process furthermore, we can do a basic clean to a polish that gives a mirror finish.

AlloyWorks can colour match a damaged wheel to your current wheels or provide you with any custom colour or finish. We can repair paint chips or paint scratches by welding or machining our wheels.

Our Repair Centre is equipped with air-filtration and extraction systems to avoid the risk of dust particles and humidity ruining your new paint.

Alloy Wheel Polishing, North London


Alloy Wheels are loaded onto our Wheel Polishing Machine and put through to a series of Sanding, Polishing and Buffing Routines.
Once finished the dull, dirty, and worn rim looks almost or even better than new.
The sanding process is able to remove many scratches and hide deeper scrapes/gouges.
The high-speed polish and buffer warms the aluminum and blends it into a smooth shiny surface.
We can inspect your rims and sometimes polishing can reveal small cracks, in which case we recommend repairing the wheel.

If you have Alloy Wheels and you want to get them back to life and give them a mirror-like finish, come visit our Repair Centre in Edmonton, North london.

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