We use the latest techniques which involve us removing all the paint and corrosion in an acid bath.

The wheels are put into a dip tank, where the chemical inside strips the previous layers of paint and removes corrosion. After a few minutes they are removed and pressure washed clean to remove the old layers of paint and to neutralise the chemicals.

alloy wheel acid stripping

Stripping paint from metal pieces and cleaning them inside and out is what we do.

Our dipping process prepares previously painted and rusted surfaces for paint.

First step in chemically stripping or cleaning any metal surface is treatment in our hot tank.

This heated caustic solution removes the paint and grease and preps the metal for treatment in our second tank.

A bath in the acid tank is the second treatment which kills the rust and preps the piece for painting. After treatment in the acid tank and a fully cleaning with high pressure fresh water we dip or apply our proprietary rust inhibitor.

This final set guards against rerusting allowing you time to do metal repairs prior to paint.

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